Weirdest Batting Stance Ever

In cricket new trainees are taught to stand side on and play in the we, but your question’s answer is exactly opposition of what is written in the books.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul :- right from taking the guard to standing up for a running in bowler, didn’t bother to keep it simple. He haunted india in particular right throughout his career , he would stand open chest with bowlers having full view of his shoulders, Shiv himself called it TWO eyed stance with it he used his both eyes to look at bowling, 50+ test average and 30+ hundreds are a testimonial to his theory.

George Bailey :- Australian ex-captain George Bailey choose to stand in a shield game just opposite of how shiv would stand. The result was as great and hilarious defiantly. The unusual stance showed Bailey's body facing the wicket-keeper but his head in a normal position, looking forward.

Steve Smith :- The contemporary batting genius, arguably the best test batsman currently has a stance that is a mix of samurai fighter, a boxer and a proper batting genius. Smith would eventually own the most batting test record by the time he finishes.
Image Source:: Time of india

MD Kaif :- The NatWest champion, who won a lost final for india has a rather unusual stance as well, for some reason he is comfortable with his legs very close by to each other. Could find an image of his side on view but if you can google its defiantly a thing to watch out for.

5. Kevin Peterson: - The South African both English batting maestro is a just opposite of kaif, atleast in batting stance. His wide open legs equally disturbing his 6.4 feet body frame and giving his a perfect launch pad to hit big.