About Us

The Play Makers are based just outside Delhi in Uttar Pradesh where we manufacture new bats and also offer a comprehensive repair and refurbishment service bringing old blades to life. Our services and products can be purchased via website, whatsapp or by telephone and we welcome personal visits by appointment.

The Play Makers brings traditional qualities from the past and combine them with modern techniques so that our bats are geared towards the highest levels of the modern demanding game. The bat profiles that we make are cutting edge in their design and performance, with major emphasis on the balance and pickup of the blade.  

At The Play Makers we use the finest hand selected willow harvested in the South of England and the best quality cane from Indonesia/Singapore for the handles. It takes over 6 hours of detailed workmanship to create 1 handcrafted The Play Makers cricket bat and involves over 25 individual processes. Great attention is taken in every process to ensure a beautifully balanced and finished bat from the shaping of the cleft with draw knives and planes to the time spent in the sanding, polishing, labeling and gripping.

The pictures you see on our website are clicked by our own professionals and you will receive a similar set of the product. We don't feel the need to put digitized images to wrongly influence your bat shopping experience, we play genuine cricket always.

That said, we are a set of above average cricketers too ;-), feel free to indulge in a game of cricket with us anytime in Delhi.