What Makes Us Different

What makes us different?

The balance of the bat is what eventually decide how a batsman or batswoman would meet the ball. Which means a 1250 grams bat can have a feel of a medium weight bat if the balance of the blade is done properly by a professional bat maker. We at the play makers take pride in producing the bats wit perfect balance so that you are in the best possible position while you prepare to meet the ball.

All fast cars have something in common, it’s the PICKUP. The feel you have when you pick the bat up, decides eventually the outcome of how you drive! On the pitch of course! We are making the bats with perfect pickup which make you a batter and a half even before you face your 1st ball.

With attention to these fine details, we make sure the batsman & batswoman is in perfect frame of mind while taking his or her stance. Balance and pickup are two most essential aspects that decide how much you end up loving your cricket bat.