Help a Cricketing Champion of Tomorrow

Several top international cricketers came from a very humble background, most of them couldn’t afford shoes, equipment, coaching fee, or cricket bats. Harbanjan Singh, Mahindra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, Ravi Jadeja are just a few names who went on to make our country proud by overcoming the hardships and struggles.
We at THEPLAYMAKERS invite you to help such a cricketer with a product which they cannot afford but you can. We have a network of such talented cricketers across India and invite your good self to buy a product from our website. It will then be delivered to one such budding CHAMPION OF TOMORROW.  We will have a complete player profile, performance analysis and story on or social media pages as well.
We urge you to donate and contribute your part for us to help the future Virat Kohli or Mithali Raj, especially now, when he/she needs it the most.
PS – To make a special request for the donation of cricket bats, please feel free to drop an email at or buy it directly from our website.
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The Play Makers
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 All coaches across India can nominate bright trainees from humble backgrounds to us and we will try our best to evaluate the profiles further to help with whatever we can.
Process for enrollment:-
  1. Head Coach Recommendation is mandatory.
  2. Cricketer should be above 14 years of age and playing for at least 1 year at any competitive level of cricket.
  3. Score Sheet of the latest season is mandatory.
  4. Photo and brief introduction video is mandatory.
Thanks and let’s try helping each cricketer out there in whatever way we can...