WHY KNOCKIN-IN is important

All cricket bats need knocking-in before they are ready to play; it takes 6-8 hours with a wooden mallet and then 3-4 hours with old leather ball to knock-in a blade. It can also be done using a knocking machine which would knock in a blade up to 10000 knocks in a session.


To understand this we have done a short analysis of cricket bat performance. Each time batter using our bats gets the most value for his or her stroke. You can select the pre-knocked-IN ready to play option in your order so that your blade is absolutely ready to play.

In the high position sweet spots tend to remain in 250mm above the toe of the bat. Ideal to play on wickets which offer a lot of pace and bounce also used to play a lot of horizontal bat shots.

Medium position sweet spot means that the sweet spot is not at the high position nor at the
Bottom, the pitches where there is nothing like bounce but only pace. Players, who prefer to time and use the pace of the ball, tend to use these bats, famous among big hitting batter as well. Medium sweet spot is placed at 225mm from the bottom of the bat.

In the medium/low sweet spot area this area is located above 210mm from toe area of bat.
Medium/Low sweet spot area helps the player in low bounce pitch where players get easily connect
ball in sweet spot area. Batsman with classic drives and shots prefers this type of bat. Mostly
Opening batsmen tend to use this type of bats who prefers drive shots. Ideal for day’s cricket.